Consumers care where their gifts come from and how they are made.

Recognizing that consumers care where their gifts come from and how they are made, the Buyers Market began promoting the category of green products in 2008. The promotions grew out of demand from buyers and the trade media. Several asked us to begin identifying our green exhibitors, sharing product photos and providing contacts with artisans whose practices and materials reflect concern for the environment.

Today, the Green Exhibitor program continues, allowing the Buyers Market to fill a need for buyers and attract new categories of stores to the show. Participation is voluntary. Exhibitors who wish to display the Buyers Market “Green Exhibitor” booth tag complete a simple application form, explaining whether they use recycled/reclaimed materials or sustainable production methods, or engage in socially responsible business practices.

As there is no single accepted standard of what is “green” in our industry, The Buyers Market does not certify any claim of sustainability or eco-friendliness. The Green Exhibitors are self-identified, and the Buyers Market relies on the honesty of artists, who must answer first to buyers and consumers.