Thank you for your interest in attending our market. As the Buyers Market of American Craft is a wholesale event to the trade only, and in the interests of professional courtesy, proper business credentials must be provided before your registration is accepted.


If you are opening a new business and will not have full credentials by the time of the show, your application will be considered at the discretion of the Buyers Market.

Please contact buyers services here.


The Buyers Market of American Craft is a wholesale show and not open to the public. There is no cash and carry. Companies interested in buyer badges are required to submit documents indicating that the business currently buys and resells craft. Returning companies must be in good standing with the Buyers Market of American Craft.

In order to protect the artists’ designs and intellectual property rights, we do not allow manufacturers, product development representatives or licensing agents on our show floor. Additionally, no solicitation or unauthorized photography is permitted on the show floor.

“Buyer” badges: Buyers are owners or employees who have the power to initiate purchasing commitments with an artist. Below are full rules of conduct and credential requirements. If you do not qualify to attend the market, we encourage you to patronize a gallery carrying handmade American or Canadian artwork in your area.

Credentials Required

Before issuing badges, we require a single document from each of these categories: proof of business, proof of location and proof of current resale of craft. You may scan the documents and send them to accompanied by a scanned buyer registration form. (Print version of registration available here OR fax the registration and documentation to 443.524.3453.) Registration may be sent by mail to:

Buyer Services
3020 Chestnut Ave. Ste. 320
Baltimore, MD 21431

To establish proof of business, we must see one of the following:

  • Federal Tax Return
  • Sales and Use Certificate
  • Business Check or Credit Card in Business Name

To establish proof of location, we must see one of the following:

  • Store Lease
  • Storefront Photo
  • Advertisement or Brochure

To establish proof of craft, we must see one of the following:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders

Buyer badges will be issued to those galleries that readily meet all of the above criteria.

“Trade” badges will be issued to other businesses that are within the trade but whose primary function is not the retail of craft. To verify trade status, we require proof of business as well as the following…

  • For an Interior Designer, a copy of your NCIDQ certification or decorator’s degree.
  • For a Corporate Gift Service or Event Coordinator, a brochure with examples of your work.
  • For a Temple Gift Shop, a letter from the rabbi listing all the volunteers of the shop.
  • For a Beauty Salon/Coffee Shop, a photo of your craft retail display.
  • For a Consultant, proof of professional affiliation in your field.
  • For a Corporate Buyer documentation of previous whole sale purchases
  • For a Non-Traditional Business, please present proof that you are invested in the craft community as a legitimate retailer.

There is no cash and carry. Trade and buyer badges are not to be used for making personal acquisitions; we reserve the right to revoke badges if they are misused.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your professionalism in this matter.

- Show Management